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Paul and Shou-Ching Jaminet have just come out with a second edition of the Perfect Health Diet. I read and got a lot out of the first edition. The Jaminets' writing style - and attitude in general - is very down to earth.
Definitely a favorite of mine.
 Mark Sisson has a knack for taking something complicated and explaining it so that anyone can understand. I'm a big fan of the Primal Blueprint, Mark's blog, and his Primal Blueprint Fitness (free download).

Great information on real food, with a focus on what to eat before conception, during pregnancy, and after. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone planning a pregnancy, and even more so to anyone experiencing having difficulty conceiving.

This, on the one hand, is a most amazing book. Weston A. Price traveled the world over in the 1930s and collected data on the diet and health of people untouched by civilization. Many of these peoples no longer live their traditional lifestyles. The information would have been lost had he not documented it. Simply incredible. On the other hand, be aware that the book is not a page turner. The writing style is very dry and could use a good edit. He talks about "primitive people" in a way that isn't very PC by today's standards, though he does seem to have respect for the peoples he visits. A fascinating read if you can get through it!
If we're on the topic of Weston A. Price, I strongly recommend you send away for their shopping guide. It costs only $3.00. It's a compact, printed guide that you can take with you when you shop, and lists in each category the best brands, the ones that are ok, and the brands to avoid. To order, Click this link, and click on order materials on the right sidebar. 
This is a very popular paleo book, and I can see why. It's very motivational, doesn't get as bogged down with the details, it just gets you started. Good information, but a few too many cringe-worthy puns for my personal taste. However, if it's good motivation and a lighthearted style are what you need, this may be the book you need.
I haven't had a chance to read this one yet, but I had to include it. Released in August of 2012, it's a New York Times bestseller! It has lots of recipes and meal plans. Definitely worth checking out.

Every time I have a medical issue, I look for a natural solution first, and only go to the doctor afterwards, if it's still necessary. Often, it isn't. Time and time again, apple cider vinegar has been the answer to multiple health problems. I've gathered a lot of ideas from the Earth Clinic website, which I then research further. It's a site where people report on whether a particular natural cure helped them or not. What makes this site stand out is that they don't sell anything nor let posters mention brand names - which keeps it devoid of spammers pretending to be real people. They have gathered their accumulated information on apple cider vinegar (their overall #1 cure) in this book.


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