How to Get Rid of Warts with Apple Cider Vinegar

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I wanted to share this cure for warts. I thought it might be helpful for some of you.

I recently got a wart on the index finger of my left hand. My first wart. I was most displeased. I wanted it gone.

I already knew of one natural cure for warts – fig “milk”. When you pick a fig, a thick, white liquid comes out of the stem. I’ve seen how effective it is on warts, but it isn’t very practical. You need to live in a country where fig trees grow (I do), you have to find a female tree (only female trees produce fruit), and they have to be in season and regularly accessible so you can pick them day after day (a pain in the neck). I decided to search for a different natural cure for warts and found one: my old friend, apple cider vinegar! Here’s how to cure warts with apple cider vinegar.


Take a tiny piece of cotton, soak it in apple cider vinegar (ACV) and use a bandaid to hold it against the wart. Change the cotton and bandaid every morning and again before bed. Replace it if it falls off, for instance, after showering.

What you will feel

At first I didn’t feel very much of anything. Then the wart became more sensitive. Towards the end of the process, it felt a little uncomfortable – a burning, throbbing sensation. When the sensation started to bother me, I took some short breaks from the ACV. I slept one night without the wart covered.

What you will see

For the first day or two, there was no change. Then the wart started getting darker every day. After about a week, it was almost black. Finally, the wart started to pull away from the surrounding skin. It took me 8 or 9 days to get to this stage, but it will vary from person to person depending on nature of the wart. Once it started pulling away, I helped it just a little.

After the wart was gone, I was left with a little hole in my finger where the wart had been. It healed completely leaving no mark.

From my reading, people with recurring warts are very satisfied using apple cider vinegar to cure warts because the warts tend not to grow back. Looking at the hole left in my finger, I can see why. It seemed to get rid of the root of the wart.

I took a few pictures. I apologize for the poor quality. Holding a camera steady with one hand is apparently harder than it looks.


  • If you find that the bandaid tends to falls off, use some other kind of tape over the bandaid to hold it in place.
  • Make sure that the ACV-soaked cotton ball is no bigger than the wart. Applying ACV to the skin surrounding the wart will just cause it to be unnecessarily sensitive.
  • Dry the area around the cotton ball before you put the bandaid. It won’t stick to wet skin.
  • Don’t pick at the wart before starts to fall away on its own.