Does your dog need an orthopedic dog bed?

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An orthopedic dog bed is like a superior type of a regular dog bed. They don’t have a set definition but the purpose of an orthopedic dog bed is not simply providing your dog with a comfortable place to sleep in, they also support their bone structure with the use of memory foams and other quality materials.

Dogs can fall asleep anywhere, even right on the floor. That doesn’t mean they are comfortable though. People can also sleep on any flat surface but our bodies will definitely ache after waking up. Dogs work the same way and that’s why we buy dog beds for our pets. However, some dogs will benefit greatly from using an orthopedic dog bed instead of a regular one.

Which dogs should use an orthopedic dog bed

Dogs suffering from arthritis

A lot of dogs suffer from arthritis as they get older. Arthritis refers to an inflammation of the joints and is a painful condition that results in pain and stiffness. Dogs with arthritis have a harder time moving around and will express less enthusiasm about walks and other activities. They may even start limping.

One of the best ways to remedy your dog’s ailments and make them more comfortable is purchasing an orthopedic dog bed. Memory foam of an orthopedic dog bed will relieve joint pains and improve their everyday comfort. On the other hand, if the bed is too soft then it can, unfortunately, have negative effects. A good orthopedic dog bed needs some stiffness to it so that your dog can feel the support as well.

Dogs with thin bodies

Another type of dog that can benefit from sleeping on an orthopedic dog bed is thin dogs that don’t have a lot of fat to protect their bones (think Greyhounds or Saluki). Sleeping on a hard floor is especially painful for these dogs and they need some extra support. Thick memory foam will stop painful friction between the bones and the floor.

Dogs of large sizes

Large dogs need more cushioning than smaller dogs. They should sleep on a bed that helps distribute the weight evenly and doesn’t flatten when your large friend sleeps on it. This will help your dog avoid any joint pain which is very common when large dogs sleep on uncomfortable surfaces. The mattress also needs to be more durable. An orthopedic dog bed checks all these boxes.

All types of dogs

While the aforementioned dogs will benefit the most from an orthopedic dog bed, any dog will feel better and more energized after sleeping in one. If you ever slept on a memory foam mattress then you know how much of a difference it can make. A good orthopedic dog bed will greatly increase your pup’s comfort.

To make sure you are getting the best orthopedic dog bed, check out various Internet reviews and ask your vet for recommendations.