Paleo Diet Basics Launches!

I’ve been nose-to-the-grindstone for the last few months, and now my baby is finally ready to greet the world. Come visit my new blog Paleo Diet Basics.

I'm giving away a Bone Broth Guide – everything you ever wanted to know about bone broth (believe me, you really do want to know about bone broth!). Download it for free!
All the recipes and some of the posts from Ruth's Real Food will move to Paleo Diet Basics and there will be lots of new stuff of course, too. 

While you're there, check out my paleo guidebook, Step By Step Paleo. It walks you through a gradual transition to paleo - and takes out all the guesswork. Check it out here

Please join me at Paleo Diet Basics.


Michelle Trenholm said...

Ooh! Great! A new blog I can follow. Thanks for the new link.

vitamins for breast growth said...

Thanks for your info and your link for paleo diet.

Blogger said...

Are You Having Problems FOLLOWING with the Paleo Diet?

Want to munch on some delicious recipes as soon as TONIGHT?

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