Conflict of Interest?

While I was in Canada, I spent some time in a hospital waiting room, waiting for a friend. After I ran out of magazines to read, I picked up a booklet called Healthy Living: Living Well with Diabetes. It’s Canadian Diabetes Association approved.

I didn’t expect much, but I didn’t think this would be put out by Kraft. Do we really need to get dietary information from a manufacturer of processed foods?

If you want to make tex mex stuffed mushrooms (one of the suggested recipes), do you really need to use a bottled salad dressing like Kraft Calorie-Wise Zesty Italian Dressing and Kraft Tex Mex Light Shredded Cheese? How about starting with real foods?

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Transitioning to Real Food: Judy's Story

Some people are lucky to have grown up with natural, wholesome food. The rest of us have had to transition from fast food - or what we were told was good - to real food. Every transition story is a little different.

Judy from the Judy Tsafrir M.D. blog has kindly shared her story with us.
What did you eat growing up?

My mother was a skilled and creative cook and way ahead of her time. Both my parents were from Germany, and we are Jewish, so there was a mixture of German and Jewish cuisine. Much that was homemade and fresh. My mother liked to shop daily and liked experimenting with recipes.

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