Ann Cooper, Renegade Lunch Lady, Speaks Out.

Here’s a great TED talk - from back in 2007 - given by Ann Cooper. She’s a renegade lunch lady, striving to make a change in school lunches.
This is a woman who has made it her mission to change children’s relationship to food.

Something Oily and Delicious for Chanukah

It is traditional to eat something oily for Chanukah, such as a potato pancake, a.k.a. latke. I made something similar - I think this is more like hash browns. Whatever it is, I love it.

All you do is grate potatoes. Squeeze out all the moisture – really give it a strong squeeze. Melt plenty of butter in a pan. Add a thin layer of grated potato (even thinner than in the picture above). Sprinkle with salt. Flip. Eat. Flip out.

This picture doesn't do it justice, but I can't take a better one because I ate it as I was writing this post.

How Dr. Terry Wahls Cured her Multiple Sclerosis with Diet

Dr. Terry Wahls was in bad shape, suffering from a degenerative disease. When she singled in on which nutrients she was missing, she designed a food plan that turned around her health. What to know what worked for her? Hint: it wasn’t by eating boxed cereals, pop tarts, and eggbeaters. 

Note that she started out by taking vitamins and then switched to real food. Way to go, Dr. Terry Wahls!

Homemade Yogurt: High-Tech and Low Tech methods

Read an updated version of this post on Paleo Diet Basics.

Click to read.

Step by Step Paleo

Interview with Dr. Mary Vernon

I wish this woman were my doctor, but the living in a different continent issue makes it impractical. In this video, she is interviewed by the wonderful Andreas Eenfeldt, MD (who I also wish were my doctor).

Dr. Vernon explains how she started out treating her patients the way she was taught to treat them. And then she found a way that actually helped them get better. Have a look.
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