Sugar and Sweeteners: White Sugar

This is part of a series on sugars and sweeteners of all kinds – the good, the bad, and the toxic.
When people talk about empty calories, white sugar is the #1 example. It literally has no nutrients. (Click table to enlarge).

Nutrients (not) in Sugar

The nutritional info is from the Nutrition Data website. 
White sugar along with white flour seem to be humanity’s first collective step in the wrong nutritional direction. According to Weston A. Price’s findings, remote cultures thrived on their traditional foods until Western civilization arrived on their doorsteps bringing those two forms of empty calories.
As you can see from this table posted on Whole Health Source, sugar consumption today is significantly higher than it was a century ago.

Even if you don’t particularly have a sweet tooth, many processed savory foods, such as crackers and tomato paste, have sugar in them, so you might be consuming more than you realize.
And consuming sugar doesn’t do us any good. We get sugar highs and then crash. Sugar promotes fat storage. Cancerous tumors seem to like sugar as much as we do, and that’s not a good thing. Sugar also tends to be addictive. The more sugar you eat, the more you want.
We don’t need to eat sugar. We might want it, but there is no dietary requirement. So what do you do when you have the desire for something sweet? Step one: Learn to satisfy that need with fruit or a treat made from a more natural form of sugar, like honey, cane sugar, molasses, or real maple syrup. Step two: try to reduce your overall sweet consumption.
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