Headline: British Penises Disappearing

When the subject of eating real food comes up, you’ll often hear people say that they don’t bother with the health food thing. Life is short and they want to enjoy it. Fair enough. I’m a big fan of fun and enjoyment.

On the other hand, it was reported in September 2010 by LighterLife “that one in ten British men are unable to see their penis because of their protruding bellies.”

So how do you enjoy life?
I’m not a man, so this is pure speculation, but I think a man who can’t see his penis may not enjoy life as much as one who can look down now and again and check that his willy is still there. Just a hypothesis.  

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sz said...

If it can't be seen, how'd one know if it's been looted? heh heh

Alex Lewin said...

This is funny...sort of...sad... I wonder what the numbers are in the U.S.? Perhaps worse.

I must admit though that I'm curious about something else entirely: Do you have a blog post about those delicious-looking fresh rolls in the photo at the top of the page? And how "bad" is the rice wrapper, from a real food point of view?

Sandra Kay Miller said...

It's called the "Dickie-Doo Club"...when your belly stick out further than your dickie do. (must be said with a Louisianan accent)

Sarah, The Healthy Home Economist said...

I am still laughing .... Oh my. Thanks for sharing at Monday Mania this week!

Jen said...


Ruth @ Ruth's Real Food said...

@ Alex
I'd venture a guess that the statistics are worse in the United States.
I haven't written a blog post on the spring rolls. I'm waiting until I get cabbages again from my CSA and make sauerkraut. I doubt it's traditional, but sauerkraut goes really well in them.

The wrappers list rice, water, salt in the ingredients, so looks okay to me. I keep low carb, but don't entirely give up on rice.

Ruth @ Ruth's Real Food said...

@ Sarah
@ Jen

Amanda said...

Ruth, Ruth, Ruth. LOL

I found you on Monday Mania, thinking it might be spam but then seeing your URL. :) Have you found the Blog Carnival Alert on Facebook yet? Check it out if you want reminders of food and health related link-ups.

Anonymous said...

Ruth, you are a very naughty girl.
Love this blog.

Ruth @ Ruth's Real Food said...

@ Anonymous
I swear I have NOTHING to do with their disappearance.

Adipex said...

What a strange heading for your post about obesety!

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