What’s for Breakfast?

You’re in a hurry and you want to get out the door, maybe you want to get your kids off to school. Cereal is quick. Eggs take a little bit of preparation.

Let’s compare what you get in a Froot Loops® breakfast to a fried egg breakfast. Here are the ingredients in Froot Loops:

Froot loops breakfast

+ milk.

The main ingredient in Froot Loops is sugar. No need to say much about that ingredient. Then comes whole grain corn flour, which sounds good (whole grain) but it is likely genetically modified corn, which I’d rather avoid. Partially hydrogenated vegetable oil = trans fat. The rest is a chemical soup of food coloring and BHT, which may cause hyperactivity and cancer, but hey, look on the bright side, it may not!  Let’s compare this to the ingredients for a fried egg breakfast:

Eggs, butter, salt.

Sounds more wholesome to me. And if you get pastured eggs and butter from grassfed cows, even better.

But what about the time factor? You can’t argue with the fact that cereal takes no preparation. Surely it saves time.

Well, yes and no. Let’s look at the big picture. Some kids, not to mention, adults, are going to be bouncing off the walls after a breakfast of sugar, food coloring, and BHT. Ever try to convince an out of control child to get dressed and out the door in the morning? Ever try to get yourself organized when you can’t think straight? The preparation time you save may be spent elsewhere.

By the way, it’s not only the colorful, sugary cereals that make a bad start to the day. The so-called “healthy” cereals are problematic too. More on that in a future post.


Chris Pedersen said...

Hi Ruth, We share a common philosophy. http://www.healthyjourneycafe.com/2011/05/mad-science-of-food-packaging.html I found you at Simply Sugar & Gluten-Free: Slightly Indulgent Tuesday.

Nice to meet you on the other side of the world. Your readers would find my blog proof in what you teach here. I beat genetic cancer with only a natural food diet. Together we can help people regain health.

Ruth's Real Food said...

You are so right. I simply never pay attention to what they write on the front of a box.

A Joyful Noise said...

Good information here. Thanks for sharing!

Janis@Open My Ears Lord said...

Food for thought!


shopannies said...

thanks for sharing

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