Food Philosophy

Do you eat regular food, just like everyone else? Most of us eat what’s fast, what’s convenient... in short - what’s normal.

Hold on. What if our regular food isn’t normal at all? Maybe the food industry has strayed too far from real food and we haven’t noticed. It’s insidious, but over time the food we’re eating is getting worse and worse. Now, it’s actually robbing us of our health. Some of us can get away with eating “normal food” in our teens, some can continue into middle age, but eventually years of factory food catches up to us and makes us sick and fat. A little bloating or acne? Infertility or maybe diabetes? Not to worry! The doctor will fix you up with a pill. Got side effects from the pill? There’s a pill for that too!

But what if we change our thinking?What if we leave nutritionless processed foods laden with toxic ingredients behind? What happens if we start eating luscious vegetables and fruit, delicious, humanely-raised meats, fish, and poultry, traditional fats, and mouth-watering cheeses instead?

I challenge you to make a meaningful change in your life. Stop buying food that comes in boxes and bags. Instead, start making food from wonderful, fresh ingredients. If you do, you’re in for some remarkable surprises. Your meals will become delicious – really delicious. After all, gourmet food is made with the finest, freshest ingredients, not with the latest chemical additives. You may be surprised to discover that you start feeling better, as some of your health problems disappear.

Face it. We’ve lost track of what real food looks and tastes like. We’ve forgotten how to prepare it.

Join me, and together we’ll rediscover our traditional, truly delicious ways of eating, and regain the health we deserve.


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Neerav Mody said...

Sadly, High Fructose Corn Syrup is EVERYWHERE!

Ruth @ Ruth's Real Food said...

Hi Neerav!
Is it the same in India? How sad.
I basically don't buy anything processed, so I'm not expposed to any HFCS and other fun stuff. It's a little more work, but totally worth it.

Anonymous said...

not many HFCS in Australia

Frugal Hausfrau said...

Well said! I know youngsters who don't know what real food tastes like! Their taste buds are so hyped up on additives and natural/artificial flavors and salt sweeteners like hfcs they have no clue.

I've made a marvelous Pork Teriyaki, and one young lady didn't think it "tasted like anything." When I questioned if she'd had Teriyaki before, she said only Teriyaki Salmon, the premarinaded kind and the premarinaded Pork Tenderloins that come in the cryovac (both are full of junk, and to me doesn't even taste like real Teriyaki)

I served another 20 something a Basque Chicken dish that had wine, saffron, peppers and sausage, and she didn't think it tasted very flavorful. She added a ton of salt. This dish was bursting with flavor, but she was so accustomed to processed food that she didn't recognize good flavor from food.

Anyway, I could go on and on with examples like this - it's downright scary.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she was a smoker, or added salt to everything. when i cut down salt it took a while for taste to come back.

Blogger said...

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